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Package managers can be a bit chaotic for MacAdmins: maintaining glue code, or IT busywork tracking installs manually, or trying to balance the needs of security on the one hand, and being a good partner with engineering on the other. 

These are problems we’ve seen in our own organizations, which is why we created Workbrew.  Our goal is to make your life easier by being the best way for companies to access and distribute software.


Resources for MacAdmins

Best practices for the challenges of Homebrew in the enterprise

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Listen to Workbrew on the MacAdmins Podcast

We chatted with the folks over at the MacAdmins Podcast about the challenges MacAdmins face with Homebrew at their companies. We discuss ways to cut down on IT busywork while also getting ahead with your engineering and security teams with an uncompromising approach to engineering productivity and security posture.  🎧 Listen

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Using Homebrew in a company comes with a unique set of challenges, especially as the number of devices grows.

In this talk from our CEO John Britton, he outlines best practices for using Homebrew in the Enterprise.

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