Workbrew Private Beta

Workbrew ConsoleMonitor macOS devices, run Homebrew commands and set Homebrew configuration for your entire fleet.
Workbrew AgentRun Homebrew as a dedicated "workbrew" user for improved security and periodically report device status to the Workbrew Console.
Workbrew InstallerInstalls Homebrew, the Workbrew Installer and Workbrew Agent offline through a standard macOS .pkg installer before any users are created on the machine.

Deploy, Secure and Manage your Homebrew Fleet

Engineers love Homebrew because they can quickly install what they need in their macOS, Linux or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) terminal. Over 35 million users are installing over 15,000 available packages with a world-class developer experience.

Your company will love Workbrew because your fleet of all machines using Homebrew will have faster onboarding, quickly mitigated security vulnerabilities and consistency in Homebrew usage across your teams and projects.

Secure Homebrew installs

Administrators can remotely control their company’s Homebrew installations, with mass reporting and configuration features to meet industry-standard security and compliance requirements.

Spend less on cloud

With a native, local workflow on your existing hardware, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on cloud services, while maintaining a consistent configuration your engineers will love.

Responsive 1:1 support

Our early users have responsive support from Homebrew's most experienced maintainer to get you up-and-running and resolve any past or present Workbrew or Homebrew issues.

Faster engineer onboarding

Save setup time for new employees and whole teams can share issue resolutions through Workbrew.

Supported everywhere

Workbrew will run everywhere Homebrew does: macOS, Linux, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Great developer experience

Workbrew is built by a world-class team that previously improved your developer workflows on GitHub and Homebrew.

The Right Brew For You?

🍺 Homebrew

Install packages on a single machine, supported by an open source community of volunteers.

$150per seat per year
  • Install the stuff you need that Apple or (your Linux distribution of choice) didn't.
  • Create your own Homebrew package and host them in third-party repositories.
  • Contribute updates, features and bug fixes to Hombrew's repositories on GitHub.
☕️ Workbrew

Manage an entire fleet of machines running Homebrew, supported by Workbrew.

Soonper device per month
Get in touch
$450per seat per year
  • Deploy: provision Homebrew in a supported configuration on your managed macOS devices in the way your MDM tool expects.
  • Secure: run Homebrew as a separate user and report package versions for improved security.
  • Manage: query and run Homebrew on all of your machines.
  • And more coming soon...

Workbrew ❤️ MacAdmins

Get info on upcoming events, podcasts, webinars, resources.

Our Team

Vanessa.jpgVanessa GennarelliWorkbrew COO
Homebrew PLC
Vanessa is the author of "Surviving Change at Work" and has worked across instructional design, developer education and business leadership at Scratch (MIT), GitHub and elsewhere.
John.jpgJohn BrittonWorkbrew CEO
Homebrew Contributor and Member
John has spent his entire career helping developers be more successful. Early employee at Twilio and GitHub, he's been a Homebrew contributor since 2014 and user and superfan since 2009.
Mike.jpgMike McQuaidWorkbrew CTO
Homebrew Project Leader
Mike is Homebrew's Project Leader, longest tenured maintainer (since 2009) , the most active contribut to Homebrew/brew and spent 10 years at GitHub, leaving as a principal engineer.
bo.pngBo AndersonWorkbrew Product Engineer
Homebrew TSC and Maintainer
Homebrew maintainer since 2019.
carlo.pngCarlo CabreraWorkbrew Product Engineer
Homebrew Maintainer
Homebrew maintainer since 2021.

Contact Us

We’re seeking our first few users to partner with us as we're building Workbrew. If you use Homebrew and have friction around deploying it at your company, we’d love to talk to you.